Important Things You Should know Before Applying for MBA

Important Things You Should know Before Applying for MBA

How to apply for an MBA Program and succeed? Going for MBA or settling for any other higher degree sometimes doesn’t go so easy for the intending students.

Students aiming to obtain an MBA degree must know the importance of the degree before applying for one.

Having proper knowledge of your intending program and its benefits to you and the society at large obviously would be some of the vital points to consider before you apply for that MBA program.

If you’re currently planning towards applying for an MBA program but having a double mind on if the decision is worth it or you should think otherwise, I invite you to read this article on the importance of an MBA program and how you can apply for an MBA degree and succeed.

One very important question that keeps popping up from prospective MBA students is can one further after obtaining an MBA degree, or does obtaining an MBA degree automatically means an end to academic pursuit?

Basically, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), degree is specifically designed primarily for studentwho are considering a career change or hoping to advance in their careers.

There are huge benefits of having an MBA degree. An MBA will offer you a wealth of advantages, especially when it’s offered by a top business school with a very good reputation

One of the importance of an MBA degree, is the the juicy offer that comes from top brands after graduation.

MBA programs practically teaches about management and business concepts. Therefore, you getting in a management position or betterstill becoming your own boss are some other amazing reasons why students consider going for MBA programs.

MBAs are primarily for those seeking to switch careers (typically into finance or consulting roles) or for progression within an already established career.

Importance of MBA Degree

First things first. Whatever program you wish to go for, you must have a career goal for you to be know if actually an MBA, is the right program for you.

An MBA can open up new avenues and career pathways and provide you with new leadership skills in the workplace.

If you don’t fancy a career in finance or consulting (the choice of the majority of MBA students), the skills you will acquire are certainly transferable to other roles, as evidenced by the MBA’s strong representation in other sectors:

Having an MBA degree, regardless of the country and school where you plan to obtain the degree and also kick stact your career in the said field of study toyour career, your degree will be acknowledged and you will surely increase your credibility among business people.

The advantage of an MBA however, is its proven versatility; with an MBA, you can pursue many career fields, and advance to higher and better-paid jobs way faster.

Employers report that Masters of Business Administration are people with a high level of credibility, they are extremely confident and able to influence other workers.

The MBA has a high level of focus on producing future managers. The activities you’ll be involved in force you to interact with people and, in turn, grow as a person.

How to Apply for MBA- Documents to have available

If you’ve settled for going for an MBA, by now you should have your documents readily available.

What’s your desired MBA program? Understand why you want to study that program. Are you going for online degree or on campus MBA program?

The choice is yours. The career path you choose to follow has a huge factor to play.

  • Your academic transcript: You should request or have your transcripts available. Do follow the instructions given out. Some schools normally request that the transcripts is current and can only be forwarded through schools and not individuals.
  • Your GPA: Your GPA may be the deciding factor if you would continue with your MBA program or not. Basically, GPA is awarded on scale of 0-4.0 scale.

Most schools demand GPA score of 3.5 to 3.7 GPA score

  • Prepare a detailed curriculum vitae (CV): In drafting your CV, make sure you have both your academic and work experience all listed out. Your work experience and your intending program can give you an edge over other candidates
  • Write any profession exam: Get your GMAT or any other professional exam like GRE written
  • Write a compelling essay: Your essay should speak volume about your person, your intending program and the way forward towards your chosen career path.
  • Apply on time: Early applications most times are given due considerations.

Best MBA Schools in the world

There’re a lot of good schools for MBA programs. However, it is still necessary you carry out your research to know some of the best places where you get obtain an MBA degree.

University rankings, global recognition, availability of research funding are some of the factors to consider when applying for your MBA.

Here are lists of Best MBA schools in the world.
  1. Harvard business school- USA
  2. London Business school-UK
  3. INSEAD-France
  4. Massachusetts institute of technology-US
  5. Stanford university-US
  6. University of Cambridge-US
  7. University of Oxford-UK
  8. London school of economics and political science-UK
Most popular MBA Specialization

In choosing a program for your MBA, you should also consider your strength and weaknesses in such field.

Some MBA programs are very popular. Which students usually go for.

Here are some of the popular MBA specializations.

Consulting: Consulting is one of the majors in MBA. This program is specifically designed for those who wish to pursue a career in management consulting.

Finance leadership- This for those who intend to major in finance. For you to succeed here, you must have strong mathematical and analytical skills.

Strategy: This is another career path where MBA students like to follow. It build and guild students on best business decisions, development, risk management.

International management: This area helps students develop financial management skills, how to strategize and run business most especially at multinational or international level.

Entrepreneurship: As an MBA student, this program guilds you on business development and proper handling of business.

Marketing: This major focus on promotion of products and services.

Technology management: This is basically on how data moves/transfers within and between organizations.